Mountain village stay is an initiative of some like minded professionals serving the community, focused to connect the known and hidden touristic remotes villages of India to the world map by promoting community driven sustainable tourism.

Mountain village stay is focused to solve the serious issues of migration from the heritage village due to lack of Unemployable and basics amenities. Uttarakhand known as “Devbhoomi : Land of God”, has numbers of touristic villages with mystic and divine of mountain Himalayas. More than 3 crore tourist visits the state throughout the year to different certain places only and creating imbalanced to local resources.

we nudged to promote the sustainable community tourism which as consequences solving the deep social issues of Migration, Unemployment and preservation of culture and cuisine

There are more places which has huge potential for touristic attraction are still hidden and in inhospitable conditions. Creating opportunity for mountain village home stays will open the door to cater multiple social issues of the village and will expand tourism to more number of places thus bringing stability to local resources and development to maximum villages.

This initiative, is envisioned to trigger the development of migrated abandoned villages of remote India. Our all these initiatives are aligned with number of sustainable development goals of United Nations. Main focus is to create options for livelihood to the villagers at their doorstep with combination of tourism.

The main concept of Mountain village stay is to convert abandoning traditional houses, and households of remotes known and hidden villages into modern home stays, which will provide a option for tourist to stay in these villages. These home stays are fully run and operated by trained local communities of the village and thus converting them into Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE). This is one of plethora initiatives to solve multiple social issues.

Making a chain of village level entrepreneurs who can serve the better hospitality

Mountains village stay will be a fully community led and operated model. It will create a chain of trained Village level entrepreneur for tourist hospitality and local guides for different scenic heritage places.

Conserving traditional abandoned homes, local culture, customs & cuisine

Villages are deemed as center of Indian culture and customs. Through the integration of tourism, villages would able to preserve their local culture, custom and cuisine. Introducing local culture and thematic local experiential tour based on local festival, culture and foods

Unfolding hidden touristic places of the state on globe for international tourism

Uttarakhand being a Devbhoomi and beauty all around the state, touristic activity is limited to few certain places which is creating a imbalanced of local resources. We are aligned to unfold such touristic and local places for tourism.