Dharali Heights : Revival of abandon to experiential destination

Mountain Village Stay welcomes you to one ours “premium village stay” which we proudly called DHARALI HEIGHTS, a perfect quest to conform thrill in you for adventure and solitude!

Story behind curtain

Everything make itself perfect for a definite reason and it can be attended through hardship and effort, and so as is ours; as a responsible organisation we are always trying and seeking to solve the social issues through community engagement and create impact in what we do.

Dharali Heights is one of the best example which is scores of local passion projects and serving up the real deal- while helping rural areas stricken with severe migration to comeback on map once again in sustainable manner. Located at village Dharali which is in between Gangotri and Harsil (just 3 Km uphill from harsil valley and 20 Km Before Gangotri) famous for its scenic landscapes and multiples of nearby attractions.

This location is rooted with a social concept to solve the issues of migration from the villages of uttarakhand and represents an unique model that redevelops abandoned log house of migrated villages with minimal population to a premium experiential tourism destination with an eye to hosting tourists visiting the place Harsil.

This could be one of the perfect destination designed for travelers who want to go beyond the existing usual stops on the grand tour and experience a traditional and local place while supporting towards a solution of social cause.

This lodging is versed with all premium and modern facility to a dilapidated abandoned household 60 year old earthquake resistant traditional archaic deodar (himalayan pine tree) wooden house nestled amidst the pristine natural breathtaking landscapes of the majestic Hindkush Himalayas and on the banks of the holy river of Bhagirathi (downhill which latter confluences with Alknanda at Devprayag and become the holy Ganges), the quiet hamlet is so beautiful that it seems like a scene right out of a fairy tale book.

We have spread out the log house into the touristic experiential stays without compromising all sorts of standards and comforts of traditional hotels had to be offered. This traditional premium stay offers:-

  • 4 -Wooden rooms with all comforts and standards of stay
  • Local cuisine and Food as per your choice
  • Apple orchard
  • Traditional house and culture
  • Scenic nature lap and solitude
  • Room service
  • Housekeeping
  • Authentic and experience source of service

Visiting this place will give you the perfect opportunity for discovery of one self and taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of the polluted city life. The environment here is filled with a deep sense of spiritualism and pureness. We ensure each traveler and guest must be able to experience “the lifestyle of a real pristine village with real minimal inhabitants, and live a life of local.

“Experience an unique time of yours”

What one can experience during stay


The Famous Dharali Heights is located in Village Dharali. This beautiful village is placed right amidst the lap of bounteous nature preached at an altitude of 2,680 metres above sea level and in between two of the most scenic hamlets of Uttaraksahi and Gangotri. It also falls 20 kms before Gangotri and 3 kms right after Harsil. The national highway makes its way through this magnificent village. The entire town is lined by the fast flowing Bhagirathi River that offer some of the most scenic views for tourist coming here. The village Dharali is Famous for glittering apple and Rajma Cultivation.

Weather and Temperature

The village buried under the snow from month Mid November to last of month February, and temperate goes down to -15’ Celsius. One can enjoy the snow laden mountains and peaks during this time and perfect village comes alive again in April month of the year.

Nearby Attractions

Dharali Heights being located High above on top of the mountain of situated among some of the most scenic environment in Uttarakhand offers a Multiple of places for a tourist to explore and refresh themselves. Here are some places around Dharali heights that you can visit during your stay at Dharali Heights.

Harsil Valley (3km) – Harsil is valley considered as gem part of the state uttarakashi, Uttarakhand. This valley is located amid of deodar forest and tranquil on bank of river Bhagirathi- (Icy water coming from the Gaumukh is one of the pure water on could witness). This place is perfect for serenity, spirituality, solitude and one who likes snow laden peaks of mountains at a Height of 2620m/7860ft looked marvelous amidst dense deodar trees, and snow laden peaks sneaking a peak through the clouds in the wide, clear blue sky. The hamlet consists of few houses in a cantonment area. Place is dotted to cover and cater multiple of treks and visit to temple.

Sattal Lake (3Km) – Sattal is easily accessible through a simple trek from the property during stay. Sattal is a mystical combination of seven lakes and is located at a distance of 3 km Walk of amidst deodar forest, scenic landscape. One can enjoy the trek, nature lap, deodar forest and all nearby lakes while trekking to seven lakes of sattal.

Gangotri (20Km) – Gangotri is one of the famous pilgrimage of religion hindu and among one the Charm Dham yatra. It located just 20 Km during your stay to the property Dharali Heights. There situated a famous temple of Maa Ganga (Which we called River Ganga), the history beholds that Goddess Ganga converted herself into form river to vanish the sins of king Bhagirath. The river originates from the Gangotri Glacier is Bhagirathi, which contains pure and non polluted icy water from glacier. One can participate to famous aarti conducted each day by semwal family and enjoy the environment filled with sanctity and pureness.

Mukhwa Village (3 Km) – Mukhwa Village is a village which is located 3 Km from the main property during your stay. This village holds one of the important religious value in hindu religion as during winter when all surroundings of gangotri covered with snow, the Goddess Ganga placed to this village at temple. Therefore visit to this village is one of the famous spot during our stay.

Nelong Valley (32 Km) – Nellong valley is one of the famous valley which is located at a distance of 32 Km from the property during your stay.